• Tri Barbed Spear Tip
    Tri Barbed Spear

    Tri Barbed Spear Tip Which works great with all of the bottom dwelling fish. Sell for $12.00 USD

  • Double Barb Tip
    Double Barb Tip

    6465 Double Barb Tip sells for $24.00

  • The Rock Point Rotating Tip
    Rock Point Tip

    The Rock Point Rotating Tip sells for $39.00

  • Rotating Spinner Tip
    Rotating Spinner

    Tri-Cut 2 5/8" Wing Span #6451 Rotanting Twin Spiner Cutting Edge for easy penetration. Sell price = $39.00

  • TRI-HT82 Spear tip
    TRI-HT82 Spear Tip

    HT82 Short barb, tri cut tip, with spinner base Sell price = $39.00

  • Spring Spear Shaft sliders
    Spring Spear Shaft Sliders

    HT82 Short barb, tri cut tip, with spinner base
    Sell price = $8.00

  • Easy Coil to replace the shock cord
    Shock Cord

    Easy Coil to replace the shock cord which can tangle up and or knot up while on a dive, who wants to deal with that? I know I don’t so I switched to the easy coil to eliminate that and it has a range of 20 feet. $34.00

  • Tri-HA50

    Large Fish Stringer. $18.00

  • Tri-HA50
    Fish Stringer

    Size Small to Large Fish Stringer.From 14" t 18" $14.-16.00

  • Tri-HA50
    Fish Stringer

    Size Small to Large Fish Stringer.From 14" t 18" $14.-16.00

    Sizes 20-24

  • Tri Barbed Spear Tip
    Item 1
  • JBL Mini Carbine series
    Item 2
  • JBL Carbine speargun
    Item 3
  • JBL 38 speargun
    Item 4
Item 1 -Tri-PS05: $34.00

5’ Orange Spear Pole $34.00

Item 2 - JBL 716S 16" Mini sells for $165.00

The JBL 716S 16" Mini sells for $165.00 Don't let the price tag fool you, the Carbine series delivers more bang for your buck than anything in its class. Just like its bigger brother, Carbines are constructed of 1" (25 mm) 6063 aerospace grade aluminum and feature high-strength stainless shafts and triggers. They're powered by one or two 1/2" (13 mm) Hi-Mod bands and a low-profile, pistol grip handle that makes for easy target acquisition. So, if you want a spear gun that will bring home plenty of fish without breaking the bank, the Carbine fits the bill.

The Mini comes equipped with the (40 cm) Stainless 17-4 spring steelshaft with a 9/32" (7.11 mm) diameter, has one JBL608 sling with 302 stainless steel wishbone. A durable molded corrosion free ABS Handle and Muzzle, guns overall length is 19" (48.3 cm) and has a 6' (1.83 meters) range. The 2011 JBLD-5 & D-6 both have a shaft with integrated point and barb, no need for an extra spear tip. However since the tip is still threaded, if you wish, you can add adapter JBL815 which will then let you connect any 6mm JBL spear point.

JBL's fixed spear points are a perfect blend of durability and performance. Each point is designed for low maintenance, dependability and most important results. The JBL565 Shock Line will keep your gun and spear shaft attached to one another when you shoot helping bring in the game. Key Features •Handles and muzzles made of black ABS plastic for long life and durability.
•Triggers made of hardened stainless steel.
•Shafts made of 17-4 hardened spring stainless steel.
•Latex Sling with (302) Stainless Wishbone
•Shock Line
Sell price = $165.00

Item 3 -The Carbine sells for $195.00

JBL Carbine Speargun 39 Inches The JBL Carbine speargun is a great all-purpose gun for small to large game. The Carbine is made of 1 inch clear anodized aluminum and comes with 2 slings. It is idea for the beginner spearfisher.

Detail Features: • Gun: Band
• Stock Material: Aluminum
• Shockline: Nylon
• Stock Shaft: 9/32 Shaft,6mm Thread
• Overall Length: 37in
• Shaft Length: 33 1/2in
• Bands Included: 2
• Includes Tip: Yes
• Range: Approx. 12ft
Sell price = $195.00

Item 4 -38 Special sells for $255.00

JBL Speargun 38 Special The JBL 38 Special

Detail Features: • Overall Length:36Inch
• Shaft:728-SA
• Slings:Two #214
• Point:843-6
• Reach:14 ft.
Sell price = $255.00