• Divers Unlimited XSS-KN350 Blunt Tip Knife
    Item 1
  • Divers Unlimited XSS-KN400BK Drop Point Knife $119.00
    Item 2
  • Divers Unlimited Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang Titanium Blunt
    Item 3
  • Divers Unlimited Titanium Folding Knife
    Item 4
  • Divers Unlimited Folding Knife Stainless Steel
    Item 5
Item 1 - Carbon Snoso-Carbon

• Sleek design dry top
• Totally dry snorkel
• Patented top prevents water entering
• Smooth bore silicone flex tube
• Guards against water entering at surface
• Replaceable curved mouthpiece
• Self-draining purge valve
• Improved quick-release snorkel keeper for easy removal from mask (p/n AC150) XSS-SN050-CL $29.00

Item 2 - XSS-KN400BK Drop Point Knife $119.00

Proprietary, custom formulated Beta Titanium meets the desired knife properties of non-brittleness, high abrasion resistance, and high hardness scale not found in standard titanium knives
High strength (240,000 lbs / in2) and RC Scale hardness of 51-54
5" blade is custom flat ground with advanced serration and line cutter
Stainless steel hammer end above SURE-GRIP handle
Exclusive, double-locking sheath prevents knife loss
Rubber leg straps with quick-release buckles

XSS-KN400BK Drop Point Knife $119.00

Item 3 - Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang Titanium Blunt $99.

The ultimate in salt water corrosion resistance, a keen edge, incredible strength and a design unique for diving make this knife the best all around diver's knife. Choose between our blunt tip (used for "poking" around rocks and prying or classic drop point designs.
UND-30074 Blue Tang Titanium Blunt Point Tip Knife $99.00

XSS-KN350 Blunt Tip Knife $45.00

Item 4 - Titanium Folding Knife $49.00

MSM-2602 $49.00

Item 5 - Folding Knife Stainless Steel $24.00

MSM-2604 $24.00