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    SSI Open Water Certification Classes Don’t just learn to dive, LOVE to dive! That is the motto that we live by, and with Divers Unlimited you’ll learn and practice each skill until you are totally comfortable from head to fin!

    Underwater Scuba Diving

    This course introduces the novice to underwater scuba diving. Upon completion of the course and required dives the student will be qualified under the guidelines of SSI (Scuba Schools International) to buy air fills, equipment and participate in recreational diving in conditions comparable to or better than those during training.

    To make the adventure of learning to scuba dive affordable for everyone, Divers Unlimited makes no profit from our learn-to-dive classes. Your costs include Course Materials (including your own Dive Log), Pool Sessions, and rental gear for the pool sessions. Rental gear consists of wetsuit, weight integrated buoyancy compensator (BC), weights, regulator with gauges and octopus, and air tanks.

    Requirements: 16 hours of Class/Pool and 5 certification dives with an instructor. Students must be 10 years old to receive an SSI Junior Open Water Certification and 15 years and up for the standard SSI Open Water Certification.

    SSI Open Water Class Schedules

    Summer Schedule

    Open Water Classes are scheduled monthly from April through October each year.
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    March and November class can be scheduled providing we have at least two students.

    Winter Schedule

    Open Water Classes Academics and Pool sessions can be scheduled for December through February providing we have at least two students. Checkout dives can be done by referral for persons taking trips to tropical areas, or completed in the Florida Keys during our annual February trip to Key Largo.

    SSI Certifications recognized around the world!

    The student is required to provide or purchase their own personal gear items; mouthpiece, fins, mask, snorkel, boots, gloves, and hood. Approx. cost of purchasing personal gear can range from $225-$400. However Divers Unlimited offers a basic student gear package at a discounted rate only for our students at under $250.00 (see “Student Package” form). All students of Divers Unlimited will be given a 15% discount off our regular price for any required and non-required initial gear purchases including but not limited to wetsuits, buoyancy compensators, regulators, lycra wetsuit liners, etc.
    Class/Pool/Dive Sessions: Class is held at Divers Unlimited in our Scuba Classroom. Our students are provided with free coffee, a soda, and snack item if desired. Pool Sessions are conducted at the Northside Recreation Center Pool in Norfolk, VA.
    Should you choose to complete your certification with us the required Certification Dives are taken with our instructor at Lake Rawlings in Rawlings, VA for an additional fee. Lake Rawlings is a large fresh water quarry with typically excellent visibility and fun things to dive around including training platforms for your convenience. Students meet at the lake on Saturday from 930 am until mid-afternoon and again on Sunday from 9am until approx. 2pm. For the dive weekend some students choose to stay at a nearby motel. In addition Lake Rawlings has camping facilities, reservations required. Contact Lake Rawlings directly for camping information… or phone 804-478-9000.