Boat Hull CleaningDivers Unlimited is very pleased to participate with the awards programs for the following marinas:

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Boat Hull Cleaning Rates and Policies

Please be assured that our services are completed by professional divers who are fully insured under our company policies. Divers Unlimited forwards copies of our insurance forms to each marina where we provide services.
If you would like your equipment serviced quicker, please talk with a service technician to see if it can be done, additional fees would apply.

Please send email questions to Sales

Scheduled Cleaning Rates:

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One Time and Initial Cleaning Rates:

When a boat owner requests a one time cleaning or for the initial cleaning of a boat about to go under a regular schedule, the boat owner must provide their credit card information. A $50.00 estimate fee will be charged for a hull inspection completed by our diver.

This fee will be assessed at the time the order is placed for the cleaning. This is just to verify that the credit card we have been given is valid (yes, people have given us bogus information in the past!). Once the hull has been cleaned, this $50.00 fee will be applied towards the total balance for the cleaning.

The following minimum fees will apply

The boat owner is always asked about the last time the boat was cleaned. Typically, if a boat has been cleaned within the last three or four months, the rates shown above will apply. If a boat has not been cleaned in a lengthy time period, the boat owner should expect higher fees to be quoted once the hull inspection has been completed. The diver will complete the hull inspection and contact our management to discuss the condition of the boat. If the boat is really bad, our management will contact the boat owner to discuss the situation. If the boat owner decides not to proceed with the cleaning at the higher rate, the hull inspection fee will still apply.